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Fellowship Hall Rental

You must be a member of Athens in order to reserve the hall.  


Members may reserve the Hall, by calling Brenda Ellison @ 419-350-2516.


1) When a member reserves the hall, they must be present the entire time the hall is being used & cleaned.


2) Anyone that borrows the hall on Saturday must be out by 6pm so that the hall may be cleaned for Sunday Services.


3) Members of the church must be there to supervise clean up, wiping the tables, sweeping and  tying the bags of garbage and placing them by the back door of the hall.


4) You may rearrange the tables but they must be put back the way they were before leaving. (Church member must be present during cleanup and make sure everything is back in place)


5) ABSOLUTELY NO push pins or tape can be used on the walls, you may use 3M removable mounting tape.


6) Turn off lights and make sure the doors are locked before leaving.


7) Contact Brenda Ellison when you are finished @ 419-350-2516

Sunday School 9:45AM


Sunday School Superintendant

Larry Ellison









Richard Davis retired after many years of faithful devotion teaching Sunday School.







Adult Teacher (Ages 26+)

Don Duncan is a great Sunday School teacher and is able to make the lessons  

come to life and relate to life today.










Young Adults Teacher (Ages 13-25)

Ron Duncan

Ron has been working with the teens & teaching Sunday School for years.  Ron is an excellent teacher an enjoys working with the kids.










Junior Teacher (Ages 8-12)

Debbie Jones

The Junior Class is for children ages 8-12. Debbie enjoys loves working with the kids reading scripture, teaching a lesson and ends class with an activity.









Pre-school Teacher (Ages 2-7)

Karen Duncan

The pre-school class is for children ages 2-7.  Karen is excited to work with the kids, reading bible stories, craft or activity time & singing songs!


Wednesday Night Study


Adult Bible Study Teacher

Ron Duncan


Young Adult Teachers

Chad Jones 


Youth Bible Study Teachers

Michelle Smith  &  Shelly Duncan

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