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Member Spotlight - Honoring Athens Charter Family Members

Athens Missionary Baptist Church is blessed having these members as part of our Church Family.

Their parent's were Charter Members when the Church was first organized in October 1954.

Berniece (Goad) & Deacon Bill Odom (deceased)

Jerry & Carol (Dabney) Goad

Jack (deceased) & Paula (Smitty) Goad

Ann (Goad) Wobser (deceased)

Roger & Margaret Goad

Brother Willie and Sister Alma Goad were originally from from Enon Church, Macon County, Tennessee. Before the Church was organized they met in the Goad home for church services on Brown Road in Oregon, Ohio. Wille and Alma were faithful members of Athens. Willie was a deacon and song leader & Alma was the church piano player. The Goad family is, and always has been, an intrigual part of Athens. However,once they left their youngest child, Roger, asleep in the choir. Roger and his wife Margaret are members at Athens. Jack & Paula also met at church, Paula is a member and helps the ladies with special dinners. Jerry met the love of his life, Carol Dabney at Athens. They also are very dedicated members & have been married for over 50 years! Berniece's husband Bill served as a deacon, Berniece is devoted to pass on her spiritual heritage to her family and is faithful to bring her grandchildren to Athens for Sunday School and Church.

Charles Carter

Barbara Carter (deceased)

Brenda (Carter) & Larry Ellison

Brother Estel B. Carter and Sister Velma Carter were originally from Antioch Church, Macon County Tennessee. Estel and Velma were very dedicated church members. Estel was a deacon and the song leader prior to Willie Goad. Velma was the Card Class Sunday School Teacher. The Carter family was very devoted to being in Church everytime the doors were open. Brenda discovered the love of singing at 6 years old standing by her Dad's side as he led singing at Athens in the old storefront church. Brenda met her husband Larry at Athens, they traveled and sang in a gospel quartet for many years. Brenda and Larry are currently active members in church, they are still singing for the Lord and Brenda plays the piano when needed. Brenda is in charge of organizing church dinners & Larry is the Sunday School Superintendant.

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